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Doubting your worth.

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

So the last two weeks have brought about some fearful jitters at going rogue. By December 11 we will have both quit our jobs and will be dependent on freelance performance work and teaching gigs. It's a huge step for Ben and I, and whether it works out or not, it's certainly one we've both been meaning to take for a while now. I've decided to take a moment to share a letter I wrote during a moment of self-doubt (of which there are many!), and hope that it encourages you on your journey wherever you're at xo

Dear Ben,

My gorgeous boy! I've been meaning to write to you for two weeks now. I hope you can take this message to heart. You are beautiful, intelligent, and completely worthy of living a life that is driven and funded by your passions and talents. YOU HAVE WORKED SO HARD! You are always working so incredibly fucking hard, at refining your skill and contributing to your creative world. I know often you don't feel seen or acknowledged, but it won't always feel this way. You are relevant. You are worthy. You are empowered. You are enough.

When considering if it is possible for you to forge a life that allows you to dedicate the bulk of your time to art and connection... well all I can say is that much stranger things have happened my dear! Yes - there are things we need to navigate. There is wisdom we need to acquire. Ah - there is money we need to find... But it's all just waiting for us! It's there. Waiting. You can do this. And even better - we can do it together! I will hold your hand and tell you this every day, for as long as you let me. Don't be afraid of your dreams Ben. You can have anything that you want. You are powerful baby fox.

And I love you. Love Asia x

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