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Mouth Piece

QPAC Play house hosted a beautifully visceral play directed by Lee Lewis, and co-starring amazing artists Christen O'Leary & Jayden Popik. Ben's been really feeling the push to the end of the year, so it was a refreshing experience to go on a transportative journey with our city's major play house. It's been a while!

The play was an amazing narrative about the poverty divide - a brave choice for the return of a industry that mostly represents privilege. The highlight of my night was hearing the director and artists response to the issue of cultural and economic divide. Lee confessed, "It kills me to hear Jayden's line 'I thought it was free?!' ...and realizing there are so many in our community to whom this art is not accessible. It's raised a lot of questions for me in my personal life." This response really lifted my hope in humanity and honesty in the arts.

We loved this show and wish them all the best.

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