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Just posting another piece to my secret blog that nobody reads to say "YAY! The show was a success!" Ben & Asia Have a Relationship seems to be a tight little marketable piece - which is not bad for our first duo theatre attempt. My mentor suggested it would even be good enough for Edenborough Fringe I think?!... So now's the tricky business of marketing it all. I've been on a bit of a scattered downward spiral since the show - I find my meds really stop the self-expressive flow that I need when performing so I stopped them for a few days during. The meds help with regulating emotional states, regulating cognitive function and help me pay better attention to detail - but now I'm back on track. I'm really grateful to Ben and all the friends and supporters that came on the three raining nights to see our weird little show! There's a touring grant I have my eye on now and I'm set to start with that for Orlando's next show. Orlando furious just went back into the studio at via yesterday to work on ideas... no rest for the wicked I guess. Love xo

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