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Orlando furious 2020

So much has happened. I mean have a look at the folio! So much output. I’m so proud! Haha :)

This years album is mastered “Trust Orlando furious” and we have some cool and hilarious videos to go along with it.

A guy cornered Ben at a party the other week, bought him a few drinks, and let him know that the Orlando furious act he saw at the beginning of the year encouraged him to get out there and do his own music thing. This is so exciting for me - to create and inspire more creative courage! It’s so lovely. Good luck guy - you can do everything we do and more!

We started rehearsing a improvised comedy show too (8weeks ago). We are previewing Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 14TH - 16TH of December 2020. Heres a pic from our rehearsal... Best Asia Xo

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