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Vids: Get Over Yourself &

Holes in My Socks 

Album: 2020 "Trust Orlando furious" (Unreleased)    

Get Over Yourself – Holes in my Socks – Big Deal – Action – Sisyphus the Roll Model – 40 More Years to Live – Thic Chant – West End is an Ocean  

Brief: Meditative harmonic lines, sometimes paranoid, sometimes like drinking water when you know you're dehydrated. 

Some great beats, fantastic word play, and energy and endearment that you can only find with Orlando furious. Running out of time, but somehow still really hopeful! 


Split EP:

2019 "Orlando furious & IAE: Together"    

Getting Away – What, No. – S3X P3ST – Hazardous – Snap Crack – Dimension  

Vids: Parmesan, Rage & Murdoch.

Album: 2018 "Named"

Rage – Parmesan – Ballet – Don’t Try – Sedyouse – Belong – Collapse – Bother – Emergency – Murdoch 

Brief: A frustrated commentary on the politics of life, relationships and the self. O.f. puts a satirical humor over concepts that shake us all at times. Strong minor beats and electro soundscapes, running rhythms and the occasional influenced vocal track :P Its dark but its fun.     


Ed Sand 

Single: Ed Sand



Vids: Chained & 

         Satan, Wildcard.


Album: 2016 "Captain Granite"

Etihad – Souvlaki – Wildcard – Bitumen – Neighbors – Kind Again 
– Chained & Satan – Sorry Day March 


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